I work with entrepreneurs to help them reliably achieve product-market fit.

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90 days




3 MVP iterationsand a lot more...

Promised outcomes

As a result of engaging with me in the 90 day process, my clients reliably report the following outcomes being generated for their business. What’s better, the results stay with them, even long after we finish working together.

The Customer
  • You will discover what your customers really need
  • You will communicate with your customers in a way they really get
  • You will develop capability to listen to your customers in a way that generates insights
The Business
  • You will be clear on your purpose and align your business around it
  • You will generate transformative ideas for your product
  • You will develop capability to foster creativity in your team
Product-market fit
  • You will dramatically increase your product-market fit by testing ideas
  • You will have a roadmap in place that will improve your fit even further
  • You will have a reliable process to continue learning effectively

With our focus on innovation, it was great to work with Milosz, who brought a design thinking approach to product ideation and design. Milosz knows how to create great products that make an impact, and it shows in all elements of his work.” 

Ethan Garr, SVP of Growth

Trusted by leaders and founders at world’s most exicting companies. 

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If the problem is one I can solve AND we’re a good fit, we’ll dive into pricing and packages. 


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