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I work with emerging tech leaders on a mission. Together, we create products and services their customers can't live without.

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What if...

The people who tried your product absolutely loved it?
You could barely keep up with growth? 
Investors knocked on your doors?(to give you money)

What if there was one goal that you could focus on to make this reality and fulfil your vision? 

As an entrepreneur, your #1 goal is to achieve product-market fit

achieving product-market fit
predictable future
You have product-market fit if:
  • your customers stay for a long time
  • your customers are your marketing strategy
  • you grow quickly and sustainably, without spending more than you're making
You don't have product-market fit if:
  • your customers don't stick around or use your product
  • your growth is too slow and you need to market to keep people coming
  • your core group of happy customers is too small to build a sustainable business

80% of startups fail trying to scale something nobody wants.

But there's a better way.

What sets apart the teams that reliably deliver what their customers love from those that get nowhere despite trying just as hard? Turns out it’s quite simple. Get the fundamentals right, and you too can build a product that your customers can't live without.

Three fundamentals

Get clear on what your customers really need.

As an entrepreneur, your #1 mission is to create something others can't live without. To do that, you’ll need to understand your customers and get to the core of what really drives them.

Embrace your purpose.

The most successful companies form around a real purpose, deeply integrated into every part of the business. With clear purpose aligned, you will make the right decisions and communicate with your customers & team on a whole new level.

Build a process that moves you towards product-market fit.

With knowledge of your customers and your possibilities, we build a process that reliably moves you towards a truly lovable product. Stop blindly following advice and work only on things that make a real difference to you.

Work with me

Set up a free 30m call to discover where you are with achieving your product-market fit.

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Hi, I'm Milosz Falinski

I’m a product & design strategy consultant and informed optimist. I work with tech leaders to increase the positive impact technology has on the world and contribute to solving humanity's biggest problems. I started and run the Digital For Good community in Scotland.

In 2016, I released Paws for Trello, a desktop app for Trello for Mac and Windows. It quickly grew to 10k+ customers with a strong 4.6+ stars rating.

Just a year later, Atlassian acquired it and we turned it into Trello Desktop, now used by 2m+ people, widely featured by Apple and Microsoft and finalist of Microsoft Build 2018.

In 2016, I joined a small team to lead design on an innovative app that stops unwanted calls, called RoboKiller.

In 2018, RoboKiller and the parent company were acquired by IAC, just as RoboKiller passed 1m+ paid customers.

Today I work with early-stage tech companies on achieving product-market fit and transforming our future through technology.

Let's work together

Co-creation & sharing

We work together, as partners. Your impact and success are my top priority. I share knowledge openly and train you and your team to do without me as soon as possible.

Authentic & simple

Your clients seek order and beauty in a chaotic world. We achieve it together by always keeping things simple and true to what’s really important to you.

Delightful by design

Everything comes together through design. How you communicate your vision, how it works, how it feels. We draw on deep experience in design, systems, psychology and business for the ultimate balance.

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